SmartThings Hub Firmware Beta

Thank you for your interest in testing our Hub Firmware.

SmartThings Hub Firmware Beta
You are signing up for the “SmartThings Hub Firmware Beta”. After approval, you’ll receive periodic updates to your hub which will contain new features and functionality.

Please be aware that you may experience temporary issues and bugs. In order for us to work better please consider providing feedback as soon as possible. Some of these issues may be difficult to reproduce so the sooner we know about it the better! We take this responsibility seriously, we have developers constantly monitoring new issues that come up and are invested in making this platform better and better.

This beta program is absolutely paramount to the success our platform and we greatly appreciate your willingness to participate. We cannot do this without you and are thankful for your time and efforts.

Please login or sign up below to get started.

  • Make sure you have the following:
  • * HubID , if testing with a “Hubv2” or
  • * Serial Number, if testing with “a Hubv3” (2018)